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Are you planning a family dinner or a cookout with friends?


Count on Johnson’s to supply all the meat you’ll need for your gathering. From scrumptious steaks to delectable drumsticks, we’ve got you covered.


Freshness Is Essential to What We Do

Do you want to serve your family the freshest, most tender, and healthiest cuts of meat in town? Look no further than Johnson’s Giant Food. Quality and freshness is our pledge to you, we don’t sell prepackaged meats.  

We Have Poultry Pride

Johnson's is especially proud of its poultry. We pride ourselves on having the freshest poultry around. It’s always fresh, never frozen! We handle and package our poultry straight from the distributor.

Of course, Johnson’s offers a large variety of cuts of beef and pork as well. We cut and grind these other meats fresh daily as well. Our meat markets are staffed with friendly butchers with years of meat-cutting experience, and they’re happy to cut fresh meats however you like them. Just ask!


A Safe Source of Protein

At Johnson’s Giant Food, your family’s safety is our foremost concern. Our meats are safer than those sold at many large chain stores. We do not use the coarse grind with fillers like many other grocers. Coarse grind consists mostly of the meat’s outside fillers, where e-coli can grow. Our grinding consists of mostly of the purer inside of the meat, mixed with trimmings that are, of course, cut fresh daily.


If you have a question or would like to find out more about our delicious meat products, please contact us today!

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Freshness and Quality

Taste the Difference in Our Meats!

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