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Johnson’s Giant Food wants each customer to know we value them and appreciate their business. Many large chain stores are known to have poor service; leaving their customers waiting in long lines to check out, or making it difficult to get the help their customers need. Not at Johnson’s — our staff is quick, and friendly too.


We Appreciate Your Business

Here at Johnson’s, we know you can buy your food and groceries from a number of grocery stores and other area businesses, and we sincerely appreciate your choice to shop here. That’s why we offer superior customer service. Our goal is to provide you with the best shopping experience from the time you enter until the time you leave. This includes fast, friendly service with people you know and trust. We won’t waste your time waiting in line.


We Love Our Community

We are owned and operated by a local family that shares this community with the same customers who shop at our stores. It only makes sense that we love this community as much as you do. We support many organizations and projects within the community. We also attempt to purchase products or use family-owned service companies that are located within Etowah County whenever possible. By reinvesting this way in the community, we hope to support the local economy.

Among the local businesses we’re associated with are Exchange Bank of Alabama and Mitchell Grocery Corporation of Albertville, AL.

At Johnson’s Giant Food, we understand the American dream because we ourselves have been fortunate enough to live it. With everyday low prices on the quality products your family deserves and a guaranteed pleasant shopping experience, we try to help our customers move closer to that dream.


Customer-Focused and Community Engaged 


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